Clitheroe Winter Gin Festival - Gin list

Clitheroe Winter Gin Festival - Gin list

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26th January
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Check out our 50 Gins for 1st to 3rd Feb!

The Clitheroe Winter Gin Festival gin list is below

Tickets for the event (1st to 3rd Feb)
From £11.95 (inc. 2 g&ts!)

ARROWSMITH’S Ruby Rhubarb Cheshire
It's produced using English ruby rhubarb and infused with hand-pressed elderflower, helping to balance any possible rhubarb-y tartness.
Perfect Serve: Tonic Water or Ginger Ale –Lime .

BAKEWELL GIN Cherry and Almond Wirral
Infused with just six botanicals, this is an aromatic craft gin with classic notes of juniper alongside, cubeb, cardamom, hibiscus flowers and of course cherry and almond.
Perfect Serve: Tonic Water – Cherries.

BATCH Industrial Strength Burnley
Industrial strength is the Batch take on a Navy gin and a nod to the industrial heritage of Burnley. An overproof twist on their signature gin, with less spice and increased juniper.
Perfect Serve: Tonic Water – Apricot.

BATCH Innovations Range Apple & Honey Burnley
A collaboration between Batch and Halcyon Spirits, headed up by Mike Braff. After Mike’s briefing, head distiller Ollie, went on to develop an apple and honey flavoured gin. Subtly smooth with a lingering apple finish.
Perfect Serve: Mediterranean Tonic – Apple.

Almost half a pound of the finest sloes are used to produce every bottle of this cold-compounded Sloe Gin, along with a merry band of botanicals, including juniper berries, cinnamon, coriander, cloves and orange peel.
Perfect Serve: Tonic Water/Lemonade/Prosecco – Orange Peel.

BOE Peach & Hibiscus Gin Liqueur Sterling
Its shoreline botanicals include ground ivy, bladderwrack and scurvygrass. This is a finely balanced gin with a fresh sweetness on the nose, soft salinity and herbaceous notes on the palate and a clean fresh finish.
Perfect Serve: Tonic Water/Lemonade/Prosecco – Peach.

BUSS 509 Persian Peach Belgium
In the gin, peach notes are delicately balanced with juniper, coriander, liquorice, vanilla, angelica root, cardamom, iris root, and citrus peel - which all add to the hearty, fruity aromas of the peaches.
Perfect Serve: Tonic Water – Peach.

CUCKOO Spiced Brindle
Warming aromatics on the nose and palate. Clove, ginger, cinnamon, fennel and lemongrass are followed by spicy Tellicherry black pepper, then mellowed with hints of jasmine, fig, rosehips and the unmistakable scent of tonka beans.
Perfect Serve: Tonic Water or Ginger Ale – Orange Peel & Fresh Ginger.

CUCKOO Sunshine (Honey & Raspberry) Brindle
Honey as a substitute to sugar helps create a smooth and sweet gin and a burst of fruit from raspberries that have been infused provide an instant taste of sunshine!
Perfect Serve: Mediterranean Tonic – Raspberries.

DANCING COWS Myristica Lymington
Hand crafted and infused with raspberries, vanilla and the magical nutmeg. A long, smooth gin with a hint of heat and a calming effect from the sweet spices.
Perfect Serve: Light Tonic – Raspberries.

DARNLEY’S Spiced Fife
Inspired by the Wemyss family’s spirit of adventure, this spied gin uses a distinctive blend of ten botanicals including cloves, ginger and grains of paradise. Full and rounded with warm spiced notes from cinnamon and nutmeg.
Perfect Serve: Mediterranean Tonic – Apple.

DEFIANCE Premium Lancashire
Defiance is a wild foraged premium gin, some of which are sourced from Spring Wood. An earthy backbone giving way to fresh citrus and wonderful notes of anise.
Perfect Serve: Mediterranean Tonic – Orange Peel.

EDINBURGH Plum & Vanilla Gin Liqueur Edinburgh
This velvety liqueur blends juicy plums with luxurious Madagascan vanilla for a luscious, rich flavour. On the nose, aromas of ripe stone fruit and marzipan, whilst on the palate, rich sweetness balanced by a softly warming vanilla finish.
Perfect Serve: Tonic Water/Lemonade/Prosecco –Strawberries.

EDINBURGH Pomegranate & Rose Gin Liqueur Edinburgh
Inspired by dusky evenings in the Orient, their Pomegranate & Rose Liqueur is light and fragrant, evocative of sugar-dusted Turkish Delight.
Perfect Serve: Tonic Water/Lemonade/Prosecco – Raspberries.

EDINBURGH Seaside Edinburgh
Its shoreline botanicals include ground ivy, bladderwrack and scurvygrass. This is a finely balanced gin with a fresh sweetness on the nose, soft salinity and herbaceous notes on the palate and a clean fresh finish.
Perfect Serve: Elderflower Tonic – Pink Grapefruit.

FOUR PILLARS Rare Dry Yarra Valley
Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin is crafted to deliver the best of all worlds: a perfect, classic gin and also something that would fascinate and delight even the most hardened gin fanatic. It’s spicy but with great citrus, a truly modern Australian gin.
Perfect Serve: Mediterranean Tonic – Pink Grapefruit

GOOSNARGH Gin Chapter One Lancashire
A blend of 14 organic botanicals, with juniper, carefully selected botanicals, and also including meadowsweet, yarrow and elderflower.
Perfect Serve: Mediterranean Tonic – Thyme.

GRINS Gin Cheshire
Grins unique flavour has been created using carefully selected botanicals, including cucumber, orange peel and Cheshire blueberries. Expertly distilled using Cheshire Spring water.
Perfect Serve: Light Tonic – Lime & Orange Peel.

HERNO Handcrafted Organic Sweden
Crafted from natural and carefully selected organic botanicals, it is a round and smooth London dry style. A rich and lightly oily. Fresh, crunchy green and spicy notes of coriander. A mellow sweetness combined with vanilla and cassia bark.
Perfect Serve: Tonic Water – Lemon.

HOXTON Coconut & Grapefruit France
The premier gin for those whom quality, variety and vitality are essential. Produced at one of the world’s leading micro distillers, with ingredients including coconut, grapefruit, juniper, iris, tarragon and ginger.
Perfect Serve: Ginger Ale – Pink Grapefruit

LARIOS Rose Spain
A gin with a strawberry flavour and aroma. Larios expands its range of products with this soft and fresh premium gin. Larios Rose fuses Mediterranean citrus with its main ingredient, strawberries.
Perfect Serve: Elderflower Tonic – Strawberry.

MALFY Con Arancia Amalfi Coast
A fruity firework with well-coordinated botanicals. The most important ingredient, the Sicilian blood orange peel, is macerated in distilled alcohol for 36 hours together with Italian juniper berries.
Perfect Serve: Tonic Water – Orange Peel.

MALFY Rosa Amalfi Coast
Sicilian pink grapefruit, Italian rhubarb and 5 other botanicals. This bright, delicious gin is like no other. The taste is juicy fresh grapefruit, with a rich long juniper finish.
Perfect Serve: Mediterranean Tonic- Pink Grapefruit & Rosemary.

McQUEEN Mocha Falkirk
A unique, true craft gin producer. That is, they distil the flavours together and none are added afterwards. It has been described as unmistakably gin with deeply satisfying coffee and Chocolate finish.
Perfect Serve: Mediterranean Tonic – Coffee Beans.

McQUEEN Smokey Chilli Falkirk
Real deep smoke, real heat, but certainly gin. It has been said that this is like a liquid Mexican meal – with a buzz.
Perfect Serve: Light Tonic – Chilli Pepper.

McQUEEN Spiced Chocolate Orange Falkirk
Orange & Cocolate finally meet in a gin. Dark and fruity, a bit spicy on the side. A grown up favourite in a glass.
Perfect Serve: Tonic Water – Orange Peel.

NIKKA Coffey Gin Japan
A base of corn and malt distillate which were distilled in a Coffey Still as the name suggests. Japanese botanicals such as yuzu and sansho pepper and other gin botanicals were utilized in the production of this gin.
Perfect Serve: Tonic Water – Apple.

NORDES Atlantic Galicia
The base spirit for this is produced from Albarino wine grapes. This is highly aromatic gin, with hints of white flowers, lemon verbena and ginger, in harmony with hints of eucalyptus, laurel and mint.
Perfect Serve: Elderflower Tonic – Apple & Bay Leaf.

POETIC LICENSE Baked Apple & Salted Caramel Gin Liqueur Sunderland
A tempting aroma of spiced apple lures you in. The drink first delivers flavours of sweet, cooked apple backed up by warming cinnamon which complements the spiciness of Old Tom Gin.
Perfect Serve: Mediterranean Tonic /Lemonade/Prosecco – Apple.

POETIC LICENSE Sarsaparilla Gin Liqueur Sunderland
All sensory evidence throws back to the much loved soda-pop from years gone by. This grown up version takes the unique flavour of sarsaparilla root with a slight note of aniseed as well as sweetness from liquorice root and vanilla.
Perfect Serve: Tonic Water/Lemonade/Prosecco – Sarsaparilla Sweets.

POETIC LICENSE Fireside Sunderland
This gin acts as a blanket for the knee with its toasty flavours. As well as usual gin notes coming from juniper, coriander and orris root, there is a sweetness from dried winter fruits but also a zingy freshness from clementine.
Perfect Serve: Tonic Water or Ginger Ale – Orange Peel.

POETIC LICENSE Picnic Gin Sunderland
A beautifully sweet gin, creamy in texture and in taste, with a strong fruity nose as well as more typical gin notes of juniper, coriander and orris root.
Perfect Serve: Elderflower Tonic – Strawberries.

PUERTO DE INDIAS Strawberry Seville
Made with mouth-watering strawberries from the region of Huelva in Andalusia - reportedly the best of its kind in Europe - this delightfully pink concoction is all the result of a wonderful error, when the master distiller was attempting create a new strawberry liqueur.
Perfect Serve: Tonic Water – Strawberry.

RIBBLE VALLEY GIN CO. Little Lane Gin Lancashire
Light juniper in the front followed by earthy wood. Finally giving way to dusty floral notes and leafy citrus for a gin reminiscent of the British countryside.
Perfect Serve: Tonic Water – Lime & Blackberries.

ROCK ROSE Small Batch Dunnet Bay
This very northerly gin features an alluring botanical selection including locally harvested Rhodiola Rosea, Rowan Berries, Sea Buckthorn, Blaeberries, Verbena, Coriander Seed, Cardamom and Juniper from two different countries - Italy and Bulgaria.
Perfect Serve: Tonic Water – Orange Peel & Rosemary.

RUTTE Celery Gin Netherlands
A combination of traditional old-world methods with a contemporary new-world twist. Celery has been used in Rutte's gins since it began producing, and this is a light and citrusy gin with a hint of celery and kick of pepper.
Perfect Serve: Light Tonic – Celery.

SACRED Cardamom London
Green fragrant Guatemalan Cardamom pods steeped in English grain spirit and distilled to enhance the exotic spice. A little juniper and a lot of Cardamom!
Perfect Serve: Tonic Water – Pink Grapefruit.

SACRED Christmas Pudding London
Actual Christmas Pudding’s are steamed for 8 hours and then macerated with English grain spirit, juniper berries and then redistilled for a refreshing alternative to the stodgy puddings.
Perfect Serve: Neat or Light Tonic.

SHARISH Blue Magic Portugal
According to the producer this gin has a “magic touch” because when added to tonic water the mixture of liquids passes from blue to light pink. Flavours of strawberries, raspberries, cinnamon, cardamom, lemon, angelica root, ginger, liquorice, coriander seeds and clear juniper.
Perfect Serve: Mediterranean Tonic – Strawberries & Raspberries.

TANQUERAY Rangpur London
The rare Rangpur lime, traditionally used to smooth down the gin, brings an exotic bold flavour to the already perfect combination of juniper, coriander, bay leaves and ginger.
Perfect Serve: Tonic Water – Lime.

TANN’S Premium Barcelona
Produced from 100% grain spirit, its botanicals are the following: juniper berries, coriander, cucumber, cardamom, rose petals, lemon peel, mandarin peel, orange blossom, liquorice and raspberry.
Perfect Serve: Mediterranean Tonic – Strawberries.

THE LAKES Explorer Edition Cumbria
A diverse blend of 15 carefully selected botanicals, including Cumbrian juniper and 5 other botanicals native to the Lake District. A super premium gin with zesty notes and herbal overtones.
Perfect Serve: Light Tonic – Pink Grapefruit.

THE LAKES Elderflower Gin Liqueur Cumbria
Elderflower extract is carefully combined with an eclectic mix of 15 carefully selected botanicals, including Cumbrian juniper and six others which are native to the Lake District National Park.
Perfect Serve: Tonic Water/Lemonade/Prosecco – Lemon.

THE LAKES Rhubarb & Rosehip Gin Liqueur Cumbria
A delicate fruity yet floral fragrance. This sophisticated pale-pink addition to The Lakes flavoured liqueurs delivers a well rounded and beautiful taste experience.
Perfect Serve: Tonic Water/Lemonade/Prosecco – Lime.

TWO BIRDS Rhubarb Leicestershire
The countryside spirit. A special gin with only the finest botanicals has been carefully distilled to complement a superb infusion of English rhubrb.
Perfect Serve: Tonic Water – Lime.

VIOLETTA Parma Violet Wirral
Shake this gin to create a shimmer (this will not affect the taste). The new sparkly new version of Parma Violets gin and it’s sure to amaze. Just as remarkably, Violetta is a full on gin, not a gin liqueur, meaning that it’s a full strength bottle.
Perfect Serve: Mediterranean Tonic – Parma Violet Sweets.

WARNER EDWARDS Harrington Elderflower Northamptonshire
Inspired by Tom’s (producer) Mother Adele they infuse fresh elderflower to their Harrington dry gin. A slightly sweet gin on the front palate, giving way to a lovely subtle elderflower finish.
Perfect Serve: Mediterranean Tonic – Lemon.

WHITTAKER’S Pink Particular Harrogate
An award winning contemporary London dry gin with signature botanicals of pink peppercorns, pink hibiscus and cardamom with a hint of lemon citrus.
Perfect Serve: Light Tonic – Pink Peppercorns.

WILLIAMS CHASE Pink Grapefruit & Pomelo Herefordshire
A spectacular pairing of pomelo and pink grapefruits. Floral and zesty, a wave of tartness hits your tongue first, followed by a juicy kick of grapefruit peel. Subtle hints of juniper round out the flavour.
Perfect Serve: Mediterranean Tonic – Pink Grapefruit.

WILLIAMS CHASE Seville Marmalade Herefordshire
Seville marmalade gin is carefully crafted by copper pot distilling GB gin with an abundance of Seville orange peels. Smooth, sweet and well-rounded. The perfect breakfast gin.
Perfect Serve: Tonic Water – Orange Peel.

XORIGUER Mahon Gin Menorca
Unusually, Xoriguer is made in wood-fired potstills from distilled wine (eau-de-vie) rather than the more usual grain-based distillate, and rested in American oak barrels before bottling.
Perfect Serve: Tonic Water or Lemonade – Lemon.

ZUIDAM Oude 3yo Genever Netherlands
3yo Genever from Dutch distiller Zuidam, made in the old-fashioned zeer oude style. The botanicals include juniper, liquorice root and aniseed. Produced in small batches, each of which is from a single barrel.
Perfect Serve: Neat or Ginger Ale – Orange Peel.

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