Preseason Preview 1 - Kyle O'Connor

Preseason Preview 1 - Kyle O'Connor

By Web Manager
18th February
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Our new signing kicks things off!

With the new season just over 2 months away, our preseason previews kick off with new signing Kyle O'Connor. The wicketkeeper-batsman has been a familiar foe over the years, graduating into a strong Read 1st XI in the mid 2000's before going on to captain the side. At Read, Kyle was famed for his bold predictions of success for the season, and he certainly doesn't seem to have changed tact!

Hi Kyle, a warm welcome from all those at CCC. Having been a great ambassador for your hometown club Read over many years of service, what made you want to take up this new challenge?
I wasn't enjoying my cricket the same and felt a new challenge was needed. The Lancs league has always appealed to me. When I got a message of Dewy to come Clitheroe it was a very easy decision after playing against them for so many years and seeing the success the club has on and off the field. So i agreed to join, then a few days later he decided £50 a week in Ribb League would be better for himself!

What else are you looking forward to about 2019 (players and teams looking forward to playing against, players looking forward to playing with)? 
I'm really looking forward to playing against Burnley and Lowerhouse, Burnley because of Holty and Joey Marshall with being close mates and ex Read lads. I'm also looking forward to getting on the field and playing for such a successful and well supported club.

What does a successful season look like for the club?
I think the club has the ability to push in all competitions for all teams from seniors to juniors. The club has so much strength and depth, I believe there will be plenty to celebrate come September.

Leading run scorer? 
Leading wicket taker? 
Youngster to watch out for? 

I won't say the pro because I'd like to see the amateurs perform so, the leading run scorer I'd say Harry Lang, I reckon he's got the temperment to bat all day and after his trip to Oz he will only have improved.

Wicket taker has to be Pace ace Sam Halsted, not seen too much of him but what i have has been impressive and I'm looking forward to a few little feathers flying through.

Youngster to look out for is Jr Dewy. From playing against Charlie in Ribb League, he was a talented player then and he has improved a lot since then and again with his trip to Oz he will only have improved as well.


I don't know enough about most the sides in the league but it will be competitive and I'd like to see us challenging in all competitions so why not!
League - Clitheroe
Worsley Cup - Clitheroe
T20 - Clitheroe

Where would you like to see the club in 12 months time?
I'd like to focus on this season before I think about 12 months time. A lot of hardwork to go in before April but the club is in a fantastic position and it's down to all the volunteers and their commitment that drives the club forwards.

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