Preseason Preview 2 - Peter Dibb

Preseason Preview 2 - Peter Dibb

By Web Manager
19th March
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The new skipper speaks out!

We caught up with new 1st XI captain Peter Dibb, who gives his thoughts ahead of the 2019 season!

Hi Peter, welcome (back) to the role of skipper from all those at CCC. Obviously you've got big big boots to fill following on from Paul Gaskell's league&cup double in 2017 and Jack Dewhurst's 8th place finish last year. What are you most looking forward to about this season?
You’re right, some seriously big boots to fill, nothing but love and respect for the pair of them. We’ve been fortunate enough to have had a hugely successful period at the club and that took a lot of time and effort to build. But now is a time for looking forward and building on that success. I’m most excited about helping to develop the next trophy winning team with a very talented group of young players, which will hopefully be guided by some outstanding senior players who have played a huge role in the recent success and have been great servants to the club. It makes for an interesting mix... and that’s just on the field! Good days at CCC usually end up in good nights too so I’m looking forward to plenty of those too!

You last took the reigns in 2009. Apart from being a bit older (and more mature?!), what is different about taking over this time?
Quite a few of the lads were still in primary school then! Neil Bolton had more hair, Sam Halstead was at Pendle Forest and Tom Lord had long, bleached blonde hair down to his backside.
Now you’ve asked me that question, it’s amazing to think back and realise how much the club has grown since those days. Both on and off the field. Every credit to all involved in that.

How are preparations going thus far and what does a successful season look like for the club?
Preparations are well underway. We’ve been in training for some time now with our ‘drill sergeant’ and red wine fanatic, Mr Mark Aspin, so hopefully we’re fully prepared to hit the ground running in April.
A successful season is difficult to measure this year. The standard is going to be very high in the top division and we have lost some key personnel, but I am extremely confident in the lads we have. I see what they are capable of every week in training and through years of playing with them. We have some exceptional talent in our club and it is down to the lads to show that on a consistent basis. One thing I definitely do know that the lads will show consistently is the heart and fight to work hard for each other to get over the line.
I just hope everyone at the club can get behind all of the teams for what will be a challenging but exciting season!

You're obviously involved heavily in the juniors both through your job and at CCC. Might be a bit early for your u9 & u11 starlets, but who should we be watching out for from the older age groups?
There is a lot of potential talent on the horizon coming through. Which is exciting for the club, particularly as we see these boys start to come through the senior teams. It would be great to get the opportunity to play in the same team as them one day.
You can’t seriously expect me to pick out individual names can you? If I had to pick one... young Marcus Sharp has a huge future in my opinion.

League - I’ve never started a season planning on coming 2nd! But whoever finishes above Burnley, Darwen or Lowerhouse has done well.
Worsley Cup - Well I believe we have a bye in the first round this year. Considering we haven’t made it out of the first round previously, it could be a good sign!
T20 - Tough one, we’ve won it and been runners up in the last 2 years. So why wouldn’t we fancy having another crack at it? Last years finals day teams will all take some beating.

If you could have dinner with any 3 CCC members (past or present) who would you choose and why?
Haha, I could have some real fun with this, but I know it’s going to be public viewing so I will be on my best behaviour. Ask me privately and I will gladly name a table full of social hand grenades!
My three would have to be:
Sophie, Winnie and Mabel.

Where would you like to see the club in 12 months time?
Singing our song with a trophy or two in the cabinet!

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