Preseason Preview 3 - Charlie Dewhurst

Preseason Preview 3 - Charlie Dewhurst

By Web Manager
25th March
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We go down under to speak to Chaz D!

With less than 3 weeks to go our next preview comes from Charlie Dewhurst; who is soon to return from a season in Australia at Highton Cricket Club, Victoria.

Hi Charlie, update the faithful on your 6 months in Oz, what have you been up to? Do you feel your game has improved as a consequence?
Yeah I’ve enjoyed myself, given doc a run for his money on preparing wickets so I’ll be giving him a few tips. Cricket not gone quite how we’d have wanted narrowly missing out on finals but it’s been a great 6 months. Not scored as many runs as I’d have liked but bowled a lot more overs and taken a few wickets so have definitely improved there.

What are you looking forward to about the new season (players playing with against, opposition etc.)?
Looking forward to the new challenge and some of us young blokes having to really stand up without fat lad, as well as getting abused weekly by the earl and Sammy. Excited to see how Kyle goes, great signing. Also looking forward to seeing how the new pro will get on.

Brother Jack is obviously well known for being a steadying, mature influence in your cricket career, both on and off the field. Will it be strange playing without him? And were you tempted to make the switch?
Maybe a bit strange but I’ve played a lot of cricket without him. As for joining him absolutely not no?can’t see myself playing cricket anywhere else. Up the CCC.

Despite your young age, you have been entrusted with looking after fines money for the second season running. Any early predictions on who could suffer the heaviest fines and why?
Probably myself again, but half of it goes straight to the Blanc Leon each weekend anyway. Eli could get a peppering this year as well I reckon now he’s got he’s earning a bit. Sammy as well for being the big buffoon he is. As for everyone else they’ll get their fivers each week as well as you TJ!

What does a successful season look like for the boys?
Difficult to say with the changes that have been made, not only to us, but the other sides as well, but maybe top 5 and a good cup run could be on the cards.

Leading run scorer?

Mully I’d say, finished last season really well and been bulking up so can see a few balls peppering John Ashe's new extension.
Leading wicket taker?
Behind the pro you can’t look past Sam really.

Youngster to watch out for?
Eli will get some overs in the ones and can see him taking some wickets. Then in the 2s I think it could be a big season for the likes of Hammad, George Barnes, Golden Arm and Charlie Atkinson.

League - Darwen
Worsley Cup - us
T20 - Burnley

If you could have dinner with any 3 CCC members (past or present) who would you choose and why?
What kind of question is this ?
Watch the bo destroy some chicken wings at the jade palace in earby. Maybe Mick D in the hope that he’d be paying!

Where would you like to see the club in 12 months time?
In similar place as it is now but with maybe an extra trophy. Last season was so successful for the club I just hope it can continue.

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